We perform Visions

Our passion is to stage live-entertainment and impressive public shows.

Next to our touring show, we offer Premium Acts and Show Creation for Special Events.

We integrate multi-media, edgy light costumes, LED-props and video mapping.

A modern form of Performing Arts which makes events to a sustainable experience.

About us

Passionate show productions


We design show concepts ...

that are tailored to your event – stage performing arts that have links with your product or company. 
Visualise power, dynamism, speed, flexibility, elegance and aesthetics.


We provide ideas with an artistic form...

convert visions into images.
 We choreograph individual show acts and stage manage entire show events. Tailor-made and unique.


We offer shows worldwide ...

with top-class artists. Depending on the show we also commission live musicians as well as artists and dancers. We take care of all booking and handling for you.


The production is tailored to your needs ...

just for you! We draft the dramatic sequences, the music composition and the costume design. 
Draft the lighting design and choreograph the production so it has just the right rhythm.


We coordinate the performance for your event... 

Both in terms of the preparation and also whilst staging it. As your planning, back stage coordination and production contact we ensure the show proceeds smoothly.