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Technology Summit
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam | 1.800 guests
Flying Drummers feat. Aerial Acrobatics

Technology Summit
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam | 1.800 guests
Flying Drummers feat. Aerial Acrobatics

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Flying Drummers – live @ Amsterdam

Hand in Hand

Technical development is prospering rapidly. In show productions too technology plays an increasingly important role. Our Flying Drummers Show is a good example: Energizing drum beats are combined with high-speed winches and LED-effects.

LED-costumes and LED-drums are controlled via a radio frequency and are programmed to light up exactly to the beats of the drums and musical accents. At the same time the performers are pulled up in the air at a speed of 5m/sec.

Furthermore at the Tech Summit in Amsterdam the stage is equipped with floating three-dimensional LED-elements. In addition an intermezzo of trapeze artists enriches the show. Together with the general show lighting a coherent overall performance is being created.
With regard of the variety of technical effects and a multitude of cues a smooth execution can only be successful when all units work hand in hand. This already starts with the planning and ends in a performance based on timecode which made it possible to synchronize all sequences perfectly.

A successful event management complies stage design, technical production and entertainment as unity. This should be a natural course of action, but our experience shows that the show part is often handled apart and inserted last minute.

Due to the increasingly technical complexity it is crucial for a high-quality event production to connect well all interfaces. This show case is a perfect example how it should be.

Our achievments

  • Show production
  • choreography
  • music composition
  • head rigging
  • aerial choreography
  • kinetic planning and realisation with high-speed winches
  • technical planning and realisation of LED-effects
  • artist management