Be part of it. Take the challenge to discover.

Face It

„The newest touring show creation! Acrobatics, dance, live drumming and lots of visual effects. Duration of the performance can be up to 90 minutes.

The performance shows a dynamic way to break out of everyday life. It’s a story about defeating monotony. To open up minds. To join a modern way of expression. The show develops a colourful experience through performing arts: Acrobatics, dance, live-drumming and visual effects merge into an intense unity.

Trying to escape a world of uniformity the performers are taking you on a journey full of energy and phantasy. In a variety of shapes, figures and forms. The artists communicate in a very physical manner: By wearing masks and illuminated costumes, they emphasize and focus their body language. Each character expresses himself through the form of movement and acting.

An eye-minded approach that reflects the present kind of awareness with a big impact. Be part of it. Take the challenge to discover. Face it.

Here is the video for the show - get inspired ...