Face It Show @ Saudi Arabia – male only!

Directly by the Red Sea in front of an opulent setting the Jeddah Ghair Festival takes place annually. We were invited to present a powerful and energetic show with our Flying Acrobats, Acrobatic Wheel, Cyr, BMX Bike Artistic, Free Running, Tricking and Acro Balance. With regard to the cultural needs we tailor-made the performance only with male artists.

There were many inspiring moments apart from the stage. We were shown through the historic Centre, got acquainted with the cultural individualities and invited to meetings in the evening. We attracted curious attention when our acrobats showed their art in the middle of the street. The highly developed Arabian hospitality impressed and moved us a lot. The show ensured a full success as the grandstands were completely filled every day. Get more info: https://www.sanostra-shows.com/en/special-moments/festivals/jeddah-ghair-festival/

Enjoy watching our Making-Of video:

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