Light Streaming at the EMO Hanover 2013

In the course of the EMO Trade Fair we stage the product values and diversity of the “Fair Friend Group“, one of the biggest players in the machine tool industry with a Light Streaming Performance. The show is presented several times daily and is a major attraction on the exhibition. Light streaming is an interaction between live performers and audio-visual art.

A special Light Capture Software makes this possible. The lightsources of LED props are transferred to a video screen with long exposure time adapted by a real-time system. The results are fascinating images made of colour and form which regroup continually. Product and company values can be put on limelight in a modern and effective way. For example words can be written with flashlights (Light Writing), abstract or specific image content can be painted by light (Light Painting). In addition pre-produced visual content can be integrated. An exciting audio-visual performance enabling a very individual, emotional and powerful way of live communication and live marketing.

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