Dynamic Commitment Act

We will rock you!

On the occasion of an annual kick-off event at the Maritim Ulm, a long-standing corporate client wanted an exciting artistic production with a high animation value. Together with our client In phase Event GmbH, we developed a suitable show concept. The sense of togetherness and moments of surprise were the top priorities.

Each of the 800 or so guests is equipped with a fluorescent sound tube that glows in UV light. This encourages the audience to join in and become part of the performance.


The event starts with fast, bass-heavy drum beats that you can feel deep in your stomach. Our drummers are bathed in spotlights at the sides of the stage and are only dimly visible. A flickering stage light supports the rhythmic fireworks.

After the drum part, our dancers unexpectedly move through the aisles from the middle of the hall. Once on stage, they perform an energetic choreography with our so-called “Energy Tubes”.

Energy Dancers

In addition, drummers with mobile snare drums move to the stage from the side stairs. Drummers and dancers unite in rhythm and movement until the hall goes dark again after the second drum part.

After the applause, a video begins surprisingly on the projection screen, inviting the guests to stand up and join in with the “We will rock you” Song. A deep voice from the off sounds a “HI” followed by commands. The entire performance is accompanied by a vibrating soundscape. We generated the audio file in advance using an AI, which was pre-produced in sync with visual content.

Rhythms are learned quickly and playfully, leading to the well-known “Boom Boom Cha” from “We Will Rock You” drum pattern. The moment all the guests start clapping together with the glowing sound tubes, the stage drummers and dancers suddenly join in again. In addition, a live guitarist plays Brian May’s legendary riffs. The vocals are sung live by a singer who rises high above the stage on a floating platform to great effect.

In the grand finale, everyone in the hall drums and dances in unison. The end of the song is visually enhanced by pyro effects.

Are you also interested in a dynamic commitment act for your audience? We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer that is tailored precisely to your purposes and event.

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