#ShareYourShow | Crowd-Funding

#ShareYourShow makes art visible even in times of pandemics. Now we do need financial contributions to stage the Community Award. So we have just initiated a crowd funding on Startnext. Here we offer exclusive rewards such as tickets for the Award Ceremony, backstage passes and access to the after-show party! Since these specials are limited, you better check it directly: startnext.com/shareyourshow

This ambitious project features performing artists to inspire audience in times of the pandemic as well as in a future-oriented way. It was founded against the background that most live-events could not take place since spring 2020. All talents who love performing acrobatics, dance and creative sports can share their video regardless of whether they are amateur or professional. Our aim is a worldwide network with a diverse presentation of exciting performers.

We visualize the variety of physical performances on a social platform and support the artists to stay visible. Watchers get the opportunity to experience exciting videos and inspiring moments apart from everyday life. Most voted artists get awarded at the Community Award.
Our overarching goal is to create a virtual meeting place for artists and audience which:
– shows the range and diversity of performing arts with physical impact
– encourages and inspires talents to exchange ideas in a network
– increases reach and attracts audience in digital space
– strengthens community and solidarity
– creates new prospects for talents

In October 2021, we want to stage an Award Ceremony for the most voted artists. This event can only be realized with financial contributions.
Since, in contrast to the state-subsidized cultural business in Germany, we as an independent show production company are still without orders and income due to the covid-19 situation.

The money will be used for the show production of the Award Ceremony, such as:
– rental fees for the venue
– technical equipment, e.g. sound and lights
– fees for show direction and technicians
– travel costs
– etc.

Annegret Köhler & Björn Hanefeld are managing directors with more than 20 years of experience as show producers. Closely together with their team Marc Teusch and Melissa Seib they passionately founded #ShareYourShow as social platform for talents during the pandemic.