Sanostra Shows

LIGHT MUSES – Illuminated phantasy by SANOSTRA SHOWS

We are extremely happy to introduce you our brand new show module: The Light Muses! It’s surreal, exceptional and fancy. A futuristic dance performance in artful light costumes! The Light Muses wear self-luminous suits that can radiate up to 60 meters of light, while its brightness and speed can be controlled at the desired frequency. [...]

LED DRUMMERS! The new premium show by SANOSTRA

This stunning show show act creates strong audio-visual effects that light up the dark. LED drums and costumes flash synchronized to powerful beats – also as Flying Drummers! High-impact drumming in a dynamic choreography – customized to the clients needs and branded in the favored colors.

Face It Show @ Saudi Arabia – male only!

Directly by the Red Sea in front of an opulent setting the Jeddah Ghair Festival takes place annually. We were invited to present a powerful and energetic show with our Flying Acrobats, Acrobatic Wheel, Cyr, BMX Bike Artistic, Free Running, Tricking and Acro Balance. With regard to the cultural needs we tailor-made the performance only [...]

IPL Opening Show in Kolkata

SANOSTRA performs with Flying Drummers, Flying Acrobats and RG Dancers at the IPL Opening Night in Kolkata, India (Sixth edition of the Indian Premier League)- presenting the 9 famous Cricket Teams of the National Cricket League. More than 400 artists rocked the Salt Lake Stadium which is the second largest of its kind in the world. [...]

LED Drummers – live on air for German TV-show

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeee! SANOSTRA’s Flying Drummers opened up the „SAT.1 Promiboxen 2013“ with a thrilling LED DRUMMER SHOW. Powerful percussion beats synchronized to programmed LED Drums and LED costumes. The grand opening fired up the audience and cleared the ring for the boxers. Watch the video of the live performance from last Friday Night@´s-get-ready-to-rumble–/11988/ [...]

Craftman’s Master Diplomas | Award Ceremony

Last weekend SANOSTRA was proud to be a part of the awarding of the master craftman’s diplomas in Münster 2012 in front of a 4.000 people. Breathtaking live-entertainment with Flying Acrobats and powerful percussionists … as well as a mindblowing Light Dancers performance.  

Ahoy – Swinging Poles on the Oceandiva

What a stunning Swinging Poles-Performance for the Expert AG on the extraordinary OCEANDIVA on the 24th of September, 2011! When the guests boarded the ship they were welcomed by marine-dressed twins high above on their swinging “masts”! Even other boats were surprised about this special eye-catcher that many of them passed by for several times [...]