At full speed!

Already in the first half of the year we realized numerous show productions. It went high and around the world. In January we traveled to Tel Aviv. Among other acts, we staged our Flying Octagon, an aerial multi-drum object. Our artists opened several concerts of the Israeli pop star Omer Adam in front of a completely sold-out house. With 12,000 spectators per evening, the vibes were phenomenal. In addition, we were allowed to get to know the vibrant metropolis, so that our team was usually not in bed before dawn.

Pakistan Super League

We continued in Dubai, where we once again appeared at the Opening Ceremony on the Pakistan Super League (PSL). For several years, many of the matches of the Pakistani cricket teams have been held in the United Arab Emirates.

After the successful show with our Flying Drummers last year, this year we launched a production with 2D and 3D performer flight systems. This offered the opportunity to fly the artists through the entire stadium.

Right at the beginning we let the Pakistani singer and superstar Ali Zafar “surf” through the arena high up in the air on a 3D flying system. This was a close up experience for the fans as it flew right past the grandstands. Subsequently, the 6 cricket teams ran into the stadium accompanied by our Aerial Artists who festively floated high above their heads on specially created aerial platforms with the team flags.

To the climax, our female performer flew through the entire stadium on a sparkling gondola to the winning team of the previous year, to hand over the golden PSL trophy to the team captain of the Peshawar Talmi. We are already considering how we can beat the spectacular staging next year.


Flying Drummers on tour

A springtime setting at the time of cherry blossom awaited us at our next guest appearance in Pohang, a port city in the east of South Korea. Here we were invited with our Flying Drummers Show to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of steel giant POSCO. As a special guest we also had the renowned aerial acrobat Elisabeth Schmidt as a solo artist. The technical equipment of the event was far above standard. The stage design was like a high-quality television production. In addition, the organization and coordination on site was more than perfect. Only the delicious food was hard to cope with. The hospitality was immense, so we could experience much of the exciting culture next to the show.


This was followed by a show in “Bella Italia” for the opening of a large shopping center in the heart of Rome. Here, our Flying Drummers performed at dizzy heights, on a 28m high construction crane. The performance was embedded in an artful light- and projection show, so that the grandiose architecture was impressively staged.

What’s coming up soon?

Our next stop is Monte Carlo at the Cote d’Azur. Here, our Light Drummers will artistically represent the subject of digitalization at the Opening Ceremony of the Data Cloud 2018. Preparations are already in full swing.

We are looking forward to many new challenges. If you also want to make your event a unique experience, do not hesitate to contact us. With our variety of high-quality shows we are sure to find the right thing for you.