Modern. Dynamic. Electrifying!

The room darkens, exciting futuristic figures light up the darkness. Reflections of light surprisingly spread and quickly disappear again. Successively the #IMPACTORS conquer the space and start presenting an avant-garde dance performance combined with edgy light effects.

Currently we are working passionately on this brand new show act. The technical features of the illuminated suits with single-controlled LED-diodes allow us to design a variety of light and color.

Besides the technical aspects, such as the control gear for the LEDs and powerful battery packs, there are many creative aspects that need to be taken care of. First of all, we create a storyboard that intends to drag the viewer into various moods. Based on the dramaturgy of the show, we compose and arrange the music accordingly. With regard to the choreography, not only the movements of the performers have to match with the music, but also the light effects have to get synchronized. Therefore, it’s necessary to generate a timeline so that the different design elements can be set exactly to the beat. The challenge is to achieve the perfect balance between the dynamics of the movements and and the lighting program. Ideally, they should complement and enrich each other in interaction.

In addition to the choreographed stage performance for corporate events, the futuristic performance can also be used well as a walk-act or for visual animation at parties, festivals or concerts. In particular, the appearances of DJs in the EDM scene are very suitable as a podium for the #IMPACTORS.

Do not miss to watch the showreel: