Online video-sharing platform for talents and artists!

What would our world be without all these colorful, diverse, creative and extraordinary shows?

Due to the ban on events in times of Corona, it is currently no longer possible for artists to perform live or only to a very limited extent. No events can take place, most show theaters are closed worldwide.

SANOSTRA has therefore taken the initiative and launched a new online platform for the performing arts, so-called #SHAREYOURSHOW.

#SHAREYOURSHOW allows the variety of physical shows to be visible despite pandemic measures and offers performers new space to present themselves. We don’t want to lose art and the artists and we don’t want to miss all the beautiful performances and acts.

All artists, dancers, and creative athletes can present themselves on the platform via video, regardless of whether they are amateurs or professionals. In this way, viewers can be reached digitally. Our goal is to show the diversity of performing arts and to create a virtual meeting place for artists and the public.

#SHAREYOURSHOW brings art into the living room

Website visitors get the opportunity to experience exciting videos and inspiring moments apart from their everyday lives. The viewers can express their appreciation by voting for the participants and by sharing the favorite video contributions to friends. “Most voted Artists” get awarded at the Community Award Event  which will be broadcast via live-stream. All participating finalists are invited to perform live on stage at the Award Ceremony. In addition, the audience selects the “Community Star” by live-voting.

Community for Culture

The project relies on financial contributions from supporters. Users of the platform can donate directly on the website via following link: #SupportTheArtists

The more donated, the higher the prize money for the chosen finalists. Beyond, we are looking for partner companies that promote or sponsor the platform and the Community Award Event. So do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call us or send an e-mail. We will be more than happy to share our ideas with you.

Together we make things better!