Flying Drummers @ Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 

Technical development is terrific and plays an increasingly important role in show productions. A good example are our FlyingDrummers: Strong drumbeats combined with high-speed cable winches and LED effects.

LED costumes and LED drums are programmed and glow exactly on the beat,at the same time the performers are pulled up into the air at a speed of 5 m / s.

At the Tech summit in Amsterdam, the stage scenery is aditionally equipped with floating LED elements and the show is enriched with an intermezzo of aerial acrobatics on a trapeze. Together with the light effects, the strong beats and the visual attractions, the result is an extraordinary performance.

To combine that many different arts and those many people, a good and exact organization is the key. In this case the Dutch Agency “Luidkeels” coordinated the event. The challenge is to not separate stage design, technical production and entertainment, but see it as a unit. Especially with the increasing technical complexity of shows, it is crucial for a high-class event to bring all parties together.

This is why we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again:

Bas Thurer from the lead agency Luidkeels, Coen Sipkes from the technical production company Neoc and Monique van Winkel as the executive director of this very successful event.

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